Collection: About us

Aspie Shop was born in Rome in 2023 from a group of autistic, ADHD, high IQ, high cognitive potential combined, to serve those who adore the Aspie Shop style, neurotypical and neurodivergent friends who are autistic, ADHD, dyslexics, dyspraxics, synesthetics, dyscalculics and so on .

Aspie Shop is a group of autistic neurodivergent people who do business and with the mission to make as many neurodivergent people work in this group.

Aspie Shop with its Aspie Art project has the dream to give a virtual and universal space to all neurodivergent artists, creatives and high quality craftsmen, to provide them economic and financial support.

With its Aspie Market project, Aspie Shop wants to give a virtual and universal space to all neurodivergent families for the sale of used objects and items.

Anyone who, in terms of neurological condition, differs from the norm established by social, cultural and medical models is welcome at Aspie Shop.

In the ocean of commerce Aspie Shop is a small fish among large predators and fishermen but with a different mind that makes it unique. This fish will also try to be competitive on price, hoping for customer loyalty.

Aspie Shop is committed to providing prompt and friendly customer service to all its valuable customers, sincerity, willingness, efficiency and promptness prevails here.

Lastly, Aspie Shop has the mission of making as many neurodivergent people as possible work in an environment that is natural to them, help us in this new venture!

Thank you dear visitor for dedicating your time and interest to Aspie Shop.